At Newnham Karl Weir & Partners Pty Ltd (NKWP Surveyors), our experienced staff provide a huge range of surveying and planning services to clients of all sizes and industries. This includes building contractors, local and government authorities all throughout the Mid North Coast NSW.

To organise an on-site service or to discuss your construction plans, please contact our Coffs Harbour office.
Tacheometer — Registered Land Surveyors in Harbour, NSW

Land Surveying

Land surveys involve detailed study or inspection of a section of land, construction site or urban area and in the support of planning, architectural design and defining property boundaries. This process is highly critical in any kind of construction or development, as it the reports produced are necessary in order to obtain permits from relevant government authorities.

Powerline Surveys

Make sure your new construction project doesn't interfere with any powerlines in the area with these detailed surveys.

Engineering / Construction set out

Completing survey set out for all types of projects from RMS road projects, Rail, Bridges and major earthworks

GPS/GNSS Surveys

NKWP Surveyors utilise GPS/GNSS technology to vastly improve efficiencies in fieldwork. This can be used to reduce costs and improve safety.

Boundary Surveys

One of our most common services, boundary surveys provide property owners with detailed reports showing clearly defined boundary marks. Read more

Identification Surveys

These identify planned or existing buildings or improvements in relation to the property boundary.

Set Out Surveys

This type of survey involves making markings on the ground based on design positions from the plan to aid in the beginnings of construction.

Contour & Detail Surveys

Contour plans show existing structures and levels and are used for the design of additions, renovations and extensions.

As-built and Works as Executed Surveys

These surveys are used to record variations and new information on what has been constructed and how it may differ from original design.

Volumetric Surveys

Surveys that are carried out to determine the volume of material stockpiles, amount of material removed from excavations and quarries or the capacity of dams.

Project Management

As highly experienced surveyors, we also offer a comprehensive project management service. NKWP Surveyors can work alongside building contractors to help plan and complete any residential, commercial and industrial construction works.

Subdivision and Engineering Design

Whether it be Torrens, strata or community title, NKWP Surveyors can help clients identify a potential lot for subdivision and development. Some of our services include:
  • Torrens Title, Strata and Community Title Subdivisions
  • Project feasibility
  • Drainage Design
  • Road design
  • Water and Sewer Reticulation design
  • Driveway design